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Burying the Dead ......



:crybaby: well .......little one looks like shit ....doesnt look like it has much hope of returning to the land of the living any time soon.....


well at least she has lived longer then the two days I thought she had left ..... ^_^


I feel like I should just put her out of her misery though :( but I realy want her to live.........


its a shame will power doesnt grow the herb....



I am giving her two more days ....yeah :)


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hahah .............can you get your mother and your mother in law to do battle ............ got a mental image of two old girls in spandex overalls and head gear doing battle haha :thumbsup:


or you can just tell her to f-off .....works for other people cant see why it wouldnt work on your mother inlaw....haha

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shits dead.... :thumbdown: ripped it out and looked at the root system and it was just a little baby tap root with a pissant little root hanging off that :doh: learnt a lesson

1- plants need sunlight

2- plants need water

and 3- plants hate brick hard soil


poor bastards ..........oh well :bongon:

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