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Getting there yaaay

We are just finalising some last things with the strain guide and testing it for bugs to the extent that we can , Hopefully this week we will open it up again to the public , it's far from the end of work with the strain guide though there is still allot I would like to do with it and additional small changes that we would like to implement. The purpose of this release was to fix bugs that where stopping the Strain Guide from functioning properly and to change the way that a strain report was d



Welcome to The Strain Guide Blog

As some of you would have no doubt noticed the Strain Guide has been out of action for a little while now , I have been working on it in my spare time fixing the issues that where stopping it from being used to it's full potential ( ie it working properly )   I have gotten out allot of bugs which where really only clear once we had a wide range of people trying to submit reports and using the database.     One of the Key changes we have made that you will notice when it is relaunched is that



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