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Getting there yaaay



We are just finalising some last things with the strain guide and testing it for bugs to the extent that we can , Hopefully this week we will open it up again to the public , it's far from the end of work with the strain guide though there is still allot I would like to do with it and additional small changes that we would like to implement. The purpose of this release was to fix bugs that where stopping the Strain Guide from functioning properly and to change the way that a strain report was done.


Before you had to answer all the questions and they where displayed all on one page , the amount of reports we got was minimal at best and we agknowlage that at times this was because we where asking for allot of info , some of which you wouldn't be able to recall for old grows. This has been totally changed now by splitting the strain report form into several steps , the first page we are asking for the info that we feel is mandatory for a decent strain report , Once you have filled this first page out and submitted it , your taken to the optional area's where you can either fill out more info about the grow and or just skip ahead to uploading images. If you don't want to fill out additional info and you have no images simply fill out the first page , move to step two and then close the browser window.


There is also now a bug report feature which i encourage anyone that has an issue to use to inform me about problems, Suggestions for the Strain Guide are also encouraged there is still allot of work to be done before we will all be 100% happy with it but with every users help and comments we can get there ten times faster. They can be made via a comment here , in the suggestion thread on the forums or even use the report a bug feature on the strain guide itself :bongon:


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Very cool guys, but what has the strange dude above got with handbags? It's really freaking me out. Crazy Shit! Anyway, great Syrain guide that looks like getting even better, read some tips and reviews that will be helpful later on. Keep up the awesome work. Grasshopper72
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