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how much light would i need

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600's are far more efficient, cost a heck of a lot less to run and maintain, and would give you much better coverage. Perhaps a pair of 600's would do better. But yeah, keep your wattage conversion to about 50 per square foot of canopy and you should do well. You can certainly grow very well with less than this, but yeah, I'd definitely recommend the 600's rather than the 1000.


Yeah, reduce your total plant canopy to about 24 ft sq, which would be about 4ft by 4ft and you should do very well indeed. You could increase it slightly, but remember that you have to be able to access and maintain all those plants, and you may well do better with fewer numbers, like 4 plants with one light per plant. Keep the ballasts outside the GR if possible, or at the most have them hanging from the roof with good secure holding chain and hooks, and in direct line with airflow.


Hope that helps.

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its in a basement that is compleatly dark i dont think ill have a problem with other light coming in at the most 60 watt bulb outside of the grow room could i cover it with black cloth thats alll i have to work with besides thte same shitty stuff i made thee wall out of not walls two are cement one is wooden and one is cheap wall stuff the stuff youhand and put small nails through i used a stape gun to staple it to the studs im to high to think anymore but hte basic question is if i can make sure its compleatly dark in the durring the dark period wouldit be ok
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Yes. But it must be an absolute assurance of darkness. That means no peeking! :)


Panda film is cheap as, and duct tape is cheap too.


I think you were saying you could cover the globe? Don't do that, you'll likely burn the cloth. Just don't use the light, or use something to seal it properly, you'll thank yourself for it later. ;)

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