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noob question

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i knw this is a pointless question but how much could i expect to get off of 20 bag seed plants grown to about 2 feet tall in soil under a 600 watt and 8 florecent bulbs on the sides of the plants

another question i heard that you are not supposed to put any lights under the plant as it will burn the bottoms is this true or would it help if i put 1 under the plants also

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I was thinking of using CF's underneath my scrog screen to help promote lower growth aswell, So i will be interested to know the answer.

As for yeild my guess would be around an oz off each plant , from what i've read you would be better off growing them a bit taller (say 3-4ft) and cutting down the number of plants you need. Also getting you out of a bit more trouble with the bacon in the worst case scenario.

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id get rid of the bag seed and invest in some decent genetics, ive found bag seed generally isnt as good as you expect even if it has come from a decent smoke, genetic stability etc, if your going to spend the time money and risk in growing at least end up with a good quality smoke
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