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Go here:




to see the latest version of glass hot knives I am making. These are a lot more simple and straight forward looking. I am selling these for $20 for the set, plus shipping. I can do other colours and can do things like a mushroom in the end marble. They are nicely weighted, about 1/3 of a metre and very strong.


If your interested in getting a set, let me know



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Looks pretty cool... but how exactly do they work/ do you use em?


Heat em up over a naked flame ... throw on a chip of hash ... press hot knifes together .... inhale the smoke ... get ready to be FRIED!


p.s. cutting the bottom off of a plastic coke bottle and using it as a funnel to inhale through can be handy to ensure you don't lose any puff


Thatys how i've done it in the past ... never had the chance to use glass knifes .. only some little medical grade steel mini spatulas that worked a treat :D


I'm interested Meerkat ... PM coming soon


Tugboat :P

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Yep, you can do them in an open flame or where I come from the most common thing was putting the ends of the knives into the heating element of an electric stove till they were glowing hot and then touching the knives to a ball of hash andpressing it against the ends and inhaling the puff.


A lot of people are switching to glass knives, like mine, because using metal knives also makes you inhale vaporized metal which will give you cancer and alzhimers.

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No, not everything on the site is mine, its a huge site of hundreds of thousands of glass pipe blowers. Only things are mine are at my gallery which is


If you accidnetly go to .com instead of .org thats another site entirely.


I dont know what red bong your talking about, but its not mine....


As for health I guess thats one of the big differneces between here and Canada, especially vancouver is that the majority of the pot smokers are really health conscious and are always looking for the better, purer, cleaner smoke and thats why vaporizers sell so well and hot knives are popular.

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