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Time laps pics

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Hey all i have just put some black widow and some whiter pointer seeds in and waiting for em to germ, then i will sex em and go from there and i will be doing a time laps of the whole grow once thay are under the hid, i am going to do 2 weeks worth at a time, but here is the thing may be yous could help me out with, what intervil should i set to for each pic to be taken every 5 mins or 10 or less than every 5 mins, and once i have put it tougher to watch as a video clip but i need some were i can host it on line so ppl can download it to have a look so dose any one know of a site were i can upload it once i am done.
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as for how often to snap , I would say every 10 mins is very sufficiant , you could even get away with 20 or 30 mins really but ofcourse thats all up to you , the less images you have the smaller the file size though so thats somethign else to bare in mind



now as for where to host it , if you where to become a 420 crew member you would be free to host it in our gallery here for no cost , otherwise there are lots of free hosting peopel out thier , the only issue you will have with them is that firstly they normally catch onto leaching pretty fast , seccondly free hosts don't have to much respect for privacy and thirdly it does link the information directly back to yourself not just a site that is run and maintained professionaly


if you don't want to become a crew member for some reason ( mabey your crazy :P) then give me a pm and I will work something out to have you hosted , however it won't be 100% free like it is to the 4209 crew members


hope that helps and let me knwo if I can be of further assistance :D

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Ok i have worked out most of what i am going to do with this time laps setup when i get my grow off and running, witch should be with in the next 2-3 weeks, now with the web cam i am useing to do this is a pretty old one and when i turn it on with the hid on i get those bloody black lines u get with a hid and a digi cam, dose any one know what i can use to put in front of the lens to get rid of the black lines all help will be great...
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I have tryed that but with the sunnys i have thay didnt work it mite be because thay arnt dark enough dont know but i am going to get some elcheapo ones and see if i can work something out, if any one eale has any idears please let me know... Edited by ozmade
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