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world wide strike

if properly organized would you strike against bush&iraq  

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ok here is he thing this wont be for a while i have to get it organized there are already hundreds of people working on this just here in my city i knwo that bush isnt the most popular person over there also so hwat i propose is a wrld wide strike against him check out the polish freedom act to see what im aiming for we can not let him stay in power he is killing hundreds of people for oil just because he needs to fnish daddys work fuck that and him it is time to stand up and fight ony as a single unified voice can we be heard all over the world
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When you say "strike", can I ask if you actually mean "demonstration", or "public rally"?




Because a strike will not get you any closer to achieving your goals. It will however, harm the interests of your employer, and other employers, in all likelyhood, innocent of any connection with the action in Iraq. Your own pay will be down a day for the week, and the missing day's productivity will have subtle economic flowdown affects for the whole community. And Bush's advisers would probably not even bother telling him this, if they even heard about it themselves.

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yes actually i do mean a strik it would shut down the economy if we could get eneough peope to participate if 200 million people dont go to work for a couple days the economy will start to slow drastically and yeah it would be a pay cut your right 3 4 maby 20 days worth of pay cut but it would be worth it we just have to stand up together everyone dislikes bush t say the least almost and the only problem si is that no one hears just one person they will hear a million and at 20million we will make them listen


its sad to say that you are right i doubt bush would understand "what they are not going to work because they dont like me ok shoot them" lol :) :P not :)

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.................in that case, count me out. I don't understand the logic, the connection, or the relevance, that self-harm has with fuel prices.



What you are proposing can only further the pain.



Personally, I'd like to see what the majority of Iraqis are working towards, which is; getting enough local police and army trained to cope with the level of lawlessness left behind as a result of the power vacuum created from the removal of a malevolent dictator, so as to get their abundant oil reserves onto the world market unhindered, to take up the lack of supply verses demand ratio. This is what will bring the price of crude oil down.

With Iraq offline, Saudi is currently the biggest producer of crude, and they are at full production. Iraq has reserves far greater than any other country. The Gulf of Mexico was hit by hurricanes last week resulting in several rigs and refineries to shut down temporarily. These are what has led to the rise of oil, and the recent record peak.

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the arabs own 15% of the US economy, if they wanted to really fuck the usa all they have to do is sell all their shares in the one day lol


or if you wanted to totally shut down the usa, get ahole of foot and mouth disease and infect a few cow, then get a light weight plane, fill it with vx gas and let it go over the rocky mountains....2 simple things to do for any trained terrorist but within a week the beef industry would be non-existant not to mention the millions that would die of the vx gas....


seen that on the US news of all places, they were basically saying how easy it would be to cripple the usa and there was nothing they could do about it :) the 2 attack methods i just mentioned are what the news reporter said would be a worse case scenario but im sure there are other ways to cripple the usa :)

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