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We are Citizens of Planet Earth demanding the release of Schapelle Leigh Corby held presently in the Balinese jail awaiting trial.


Your countries policies on treatment of human in this way is inexcusable and this non-since most stop.


We are united in our front against capital punishment for this crime and shall protest with actions of our own.


Sign up......get her outta there!Sign Here


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there is an online petition for ashley simpson to stop singing in public, do u see that ever happening :D


online petitions are worthless, not only that, you didnt spell her name correctly :)


also, shapelle has fucked herself over, or more so her family has fucked her over....she got rid of her indonesian lawyers in favour of the aussie ones and then once the aussie QCs started working, they ditched her because they believe her family is trying to make money off poor shapelle's conviction :thumbdown


apparently they have gained like $400,000 from selling their stories and have said to the media that ron bakir was only out to make money off her situation, kinda hypocritical dont you think considering he is down like $500,000 of his own money trying to defend her while they are selling their story to the media and not using it to help her out :P


honestly, i reckon it was her parents that really fucked her over, if they kept quiet and just focused on the case instead of trying to make a media frenzy occur, i think she would have had a much higher chance of getting released although deep down i never believed indonesian law would permit her to leave :thumbdown

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true online petitions are pointless, id love to be able to sign one if somebody stoped me down the road, still it wouldnt really help if everyone in Australia signed it, she's in another country and they couldnt care less, thats why i support the ban bali idea, if they loose all our tourist dollars they may think a bit more
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yeah because obviously if the poor innocent people of bali who live on our tourism dollars, starve, then considering they have no say in any law or justice case in indonesia, that should be a great help to Shapelle.


i already signed this petition, and it doesn't matter if it'll help or not, it's saying something about yourself, if YOU want her out you sign THAT petition. If you REALLY want her out, go to bali with a body board bag full of C4 instead of mj.

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