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It sounds to me like your planning to eat your pete so I personaly don't reccomend that you go for a peyote that will

take over 10 years to get to what you want ( if grown on it's own roots) instead I woul go for somehting that

will grow allot faster like a t. panchoi or another member of the Trichocereus family as they

grow allot faster and also contain the alkaloids you apear to want regardless



As for preperation methods , we don't go over that kind of stuff in the normal sections of the site as it is

quite sensitive information that we put up for reaserch purposes in other area's of the site but not in the main members section

the reason for this is ofcourse we don't have as much controll over who reads it on the normal forums so it could potentially be used

irresponcably, if you where to search google though you would find pretty much all the info you need for an extraction



the trip it'self is quite comparable to LSA with mellower visuals than somethign like mushrooms but

a much deeper sence of spirituality and conectivity to all the tings around you. the definate downside to peyote

is the sickness you get at the very beginning of the trip , your stomach will start to clench up and you will vomit for about 30 mins

however this stops within the first hour of the drug takign effect in mot cases and in the other cases it can take up to 2 hours to " feel right"

once that period has passed though it is a very enjoable experiance which you can learn allot about yourself and others during

or you can just sit back and trip balls :)



Many peyote growers and indeed most I have met just grow it for the fun and the preservation of the plant not to use it to

get high, there are plenty of other plants out thier that will give you what you want without havign to waste 15 years of your life to get it ^_^

with the Trichocereus family you could have quite a few doses within a few years instead of just a single dose over 10 times the amount of time

and if you where to grow them indoors in winter then it will happen all the more faster


as for it's availability it is in cacti all aroudn the world so it is pretty wide spread however it is not a comercial drug so your chances of gettign any without doign the extract yourself are slim unless you know someone who already dose it and doesn't mind givign up some hard earned mesq

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if anyone's interested in very detailed descriptions of peyote "trips" and genereally just a really great story, i suggest you try and find a book called something about the teachings of don juan, by Carlos Casteneda. These are a must read for any true stoner IMO.

They are pretty hard to hunt down copies though, one might have better luck downloading it off a P2P program. *insert cheap-oh stoner wink here*

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yeah, Yaqui way of knowledge is the one. I also took your advice and grabbed a copy of Naked Lunch, still yet to read it though.


If anyone's still interested in peyote, i just recently found a book/essay on the drug by Aldous Huxley called The Doors of Perception. And this is free to read at the following site: The Doors Of Perception


It's a fairly long read, but gives a good overview on mesc (peyote) and talks about how the drug works in your body and a few of his trips and insights gained from it, the frame of mind to approach it with and even goes on to talk of how it should be normalised and regulated in the same fashion as alcohol (as a replacement of alcohol in fact).


Anyway good read, and a lot of info.

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