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Hi fellow oz stoners.


I was just wondering if it would be possible to start a lowryder grow outside in winter and perhaps have a greenhouse type thing going on to prevent the onset of frost- or perhaps bringing in the plants during the night and then putting them out the next morning after the frost has settled. Would this be possible? Any input in the subject would be greatly appreciated. btw- I live in a climate pretty similar to Perth's-if that helps. cheers.

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nice, thanks for the input fellas. Does anyone have any ideas to make a mini greenhouse type thingo? I was thinking just to sink some wooden pegs into the ground and cover the whole thing in cling wrap to make a greenhouse, including the top to prevent the goddamn frost. I wonder if cling wrap would be adequate :scratchin
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Does anyone have any ideas to make a mini greenhouse type thingo?


few large strong sticks in the ground with cling wrap wrapped around produces a very nice, warm and moist grow area ^_^


but if u can afford $20, there are awesome greenhouses at go-lo and big-w that would definately be much better than a few sticks and cling wrap :)

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hmm... good point spurious.."autoflower"- does that mean there will be virtually no veg state for the plant, like will it grow like 50cm tall, then start to flower? If so, how much would one expect to get off a typical strain in terms of yield, and how long from planting to harvest if you plant a non-ruderalis, or non-lowryder strain? I know this falls into the "how long is a piece of string" category due to different places, strains etc, but rough guesses would be nice.

The reason I was considering lowryder is that I have heard good things about its hardiness, plus 8-9 from seed to bud is definitely a bonus in terms of having a winter crop.

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