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bubbling madness

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hi all,

got a few problems and this is what i've come up with. i face a bit of dilema in that i have to leave my girls for a couple of weeks at a time for the next little while. i've got 6 plants in flower DWC style which a mate can look after for a few weeks but the problem is my 12 seedlings and 10 clones that i've got going. my buddy finds the top up method of DWC fairly easy (and i love dwc anyway) so I've had to spring into action and rig up a 20 bucket re-circ system with control rezzy for the little un's. I'm already stretching the limit with power so i've decided to veg under fluro's until the other lot is finished and then tranfer them over. for lights i'll use 16 x 36w = 576w which is ok considering the circumstances and the fact veg time will be about 5 weeks. in the buckets i'll have 8 millenium clones, 3 white widow, 2 mr nice and 10 sensi unknown indica mix. males will be weeded out (2ww and 1 mr N already looking sus damnit) and replaced with millenium clones even though the main purpose of this grow is variety and potenial new mothers. I did start with 18 seeds but already lost 6 due to negligence and bad. it's going to use a shitload of water and nutes and is probably not the most practical system but it should be fairly simple to look after and heaps of fun. I've put together most of the system, should finish tomorrow, and once all the plants have rooted out i'll fire it up. I'll post more pics tomorrow but for now 1 of the light boards i'll be using (making another now) and the seedlings which are recovering from some heat probs.

grow mad




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those pics are a couple of days old probs are almost fixed bro, cheers. heat, low humidity and I didn't keep up with the hand-watering schedule. new growth is green and healthy and roots are showing from most plants.

almost finished putting the system together ran out of a few things and the light frames and lights aren;t ready yet so hopefully tomorrow i'll be able to test it out. looking good so far though.



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well a few setbacks but everything continues along ok. I'm still waiting for my light frames and lights which should be ready tomorrow and I have to make another reflector panel. Also have to add a little more drainage and connect the rezzy, originally I was going to use a 50l rezzy but i think i'll up to 80-100 just to be sure. Connect the air pumps and water pump and then test her for leaks,temps and flow rate (make sure the water pump isn't to strong and floods the buckets) and away she goes.


I'm leaving next week so i've still got a bit of time which is handy because unfortunately some of my seedlings seem in stasis. I think I jinxed myself saying they come good, I might need some help yet. A few are growing well, some ok and some not at all. pretty confused because conditons seem ok. might just be some are slower than others due the mix of strains.

heres a few pics of the system just some random shots. any ?'s about design or comment's feel free.

peace all




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well i got my lights and they are a nice piece of work but the frames are not right so i have to get them re-made. this has thrown a spanner in the works as i'm leaving today so the project is put back until i return. the seedlings and clones will just have to survive in their tubs for a couple of weeks. not having the best of luck with the seedlings only one is showing roots throught the net-pots the rest seem a little slow but are coming along. the clones are powering as always.

peace out


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