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Hi one and all,

have had a recent infestation of scarid fly and am about to spray with pyrethrum as suggested here.

The surviving baby is 2 mths old and looks terrible.

I remember reading on a thread here that you should put some in with your nutes to attack them from within, but was unable to find any recommendation as to the strength.

Can anyone help?

Bazza 7


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1/4 strength is what I usually run "flushes" of pesticides, followed by another good flush out with fresh, ph adjusted water.


You might lose your plants though, as some pyrethrums will contain piperonyl butoxide, a nasty substance which could harm roots and small plants quite quickly.


Try looking for a product called "success" spinosad derivative from Yates. Good stuff, once again, 1/4 strength as a flush, and repeat the application in 5-7 days, and then again in another 5-7, for a total of three applications.


Good luck. :)

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Holy fuck luke


I was just about to go in and use the pyrethrum spray i got today for a watering as I believe I have scarid fly too... I read everything on OG about pyre but nothing said anything about the piperonyl butoxide. Fuck I'm glad I read your post though cause the one I bought has that... whoops!!! lucky!

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Usually small plants or those in seedling stages are most affected, and I've seen myself, and heard from members here, of pyrethrum sprays causing trouble even on adult plants.


When attacking any nasties, repeat, repeat, repeat. It does your plants any good to kill off all the adults and yet leave the eggs behind to only re-infest them. 5-7 day repeating is very important, unless you're going to use a systemic, which I must say I warn you away from. Systemic insecticides are drawn up into the sap of the plant and thus become integral to them. We smoke the stuff, so we should at least use things that are only surface bound and unable to pass into the sap.


There are some pyrethrums without pyperonyl butoxide, these are usually concentrates, which are far more efficient. I prefer to use the "success" and white oil, which can also be used for most pests of the leaves.


As with any insecticide, I would always recommend that users triple the withholding period. Better to have over-guessed the breakdown than underestimated. :P


Have a look into your growing area as to potential sources of the infestation, and get rid of them asap. You can spray all you like, but it's cheaper and easier to simply "insect proof" your growing space as much as is practicible. :P


Good luck, let us know how you go.

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