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trichs during drying period

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Can't wait for the 70% amber , 30% cloudy trich ratio


The trichomes turning amber is the THC breaking down.

So the ideal time for me, Is when the trichomes are cloudy and just starting to see glimpses of amber.


I reakon at 70% amber, they would be over ripe. :scratchin

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sure as hell means mould if you dont get them out of the jar and yoiu'll also need to wipe the jar out with a dry cloth just to make sure u get all the moisture...


u dont want to go to all that effort just to get mould in the curing stage :P


i dont think the colour would change all that much but it could, also potency usually increases during curing due to other substances breaking down leaving the concentration of thc much higher :P

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try puting dry rice in the jar for storage too help with any left over moisture, although if your geting condensation on the inside of the jar its probably far too wet,

i dont think trich color maters during drying time, its a different part of the process, if the buds are harvested early you will still get a better smoke after a good cure than smoking straight away

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Thanx 4 all yor help gang!


I decided to just air out the whole lot , let it all just sit in the open air , even for just less than a day & the moisture inside the jar prob has gone.


Should have perhaps done that first , b4 putting it in jar.


I've noticed its gradually turning brown & not mouldy / whiteish now , which i think is good.And the overall size of the yield has decreased/shrunk which is expected , dry weight is usually less than harvest weight.


I think i was under a misunderstanding about the trich colour , too much theory & not enough practice leads to self contradiction.

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Just sounds like you didn't dry for long enough ,


re the trichs changing , they will turn a a darker nearly brown colour once they are off the plant and start curing


the plant is dead though you have removed it's food and life source , so to the question as to weather it will mature more , the answer is no, however the curing will improve the taste 100 fold and you will notice the colours of the airs change a bit , again though this is not matuation this is just what happens after it's picked , a plant can not go any further than the stage you cut it down at

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