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Entheogenesis Australis - 25-26th June 2005

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Conference Details –





DATE: June 24-26, 2005


DURATION:Saturday morning - Sunday Evening


1st Day: Conference Presentations (click here for program)

1st Night: Party (click here for party info)

2nd Day: Workshops & Market Stalls (click here for workshop info)

ACCOMMODATION Camping onsite is FREE

Cabins are available (click here a cabin)

TICKET PRICE: ($55) EalrlyBird Tickets now $45


VENUE:This year's conference will be held at Gumnut Camp , at the foot of the beautiful Grampians. (click here for more info)


Conference Program:

*times and topics will be updated regularly*



1. Des Tramacchi Talk -1 ‘DMT in Australia: are we shamanising yet?’ Talk – 2 'Drugs and demonisation’


2. Michael Bock Talk -1 'Native Australian Tobbacco Species' Talk – 2 'Mushrooms in OZ’


3. Carl Turney ]"Lagochilus, the intoxicating mint of Central Asia".


4. Thomas Munro Two hundred years of opioids: from morphine to salvinorin A


5. David Cameron Victorian Floral Database


6. Tim PsychologyBiology and Sociobiology in of phenethylamines in the 21 Centaury.


7. Shane Huebener & Margaret Traditional Structure in Modern Circles: A Fusion of Mountain and Jungle Wisdom Dynamic Evolution at it's Best...


8. Santillan de Pinto Relationships between psychedelics and archetypes in western art


9. Krusty "Trance Dance, Rave Culture & the Psychadelic Shamanic Experience"


10. Martin Williams R-C


11. Julian - "human <----> plant orientations"


12.Matt Soltau - Shamanism, Neo-Shamanism and the Doof Phenomena


13. Darren Smith - Secrets from the Dancefloor


14. Adrian (unconfirmed) Status of Victorian Acacias - (A.phlebophylla - A.madenii - A.obtusifolia)




1. Michael Bock TBA


2. Carl Turney "practical cultivation, a grower's roundtable".


3. Martin Williams Acid/Base extractions


4. Shane Huebener & Margaret - Experiential Medicine Workshop



Time Becomes a loop presents

TriptamindsGreen Beets




Paul_Abad / http://www.zonar.net/abad/

Siaqua / http://www.siaqua.com/

Krusty / Green Ant - http://www.greenant.com/

Chiba bros / 3Ear - http://3rd-ear.tinpot.org/ - http://www.giiwa.com/

Dale / Oztrance - www.oztrance.com/

Dakini / Submerge - http://www.resonant-temple.com/

Morphogen / Wild Card productions

GroovyBoots / Time Becomes A Loop- http://triptamind.earthpod.org/



Rainbow Architect

Dr Zaius




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normally there would be anedit button in each post , the only reason that it wouldn't be there now is because a certain period of time has passed since the post was make so now the edit funtion is timed out


if you look at your newer posts youwillsee the edit option there , if not let me know

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We are very happy to say EGA has been receiving a wide verity of interest from all over oz. There is so much good energy and people involved it will truly be something unique and beautiful.


A lot of people have been asking when the $45 ‘Early Bird’ Tickets will be running out, so I have decided to jump on and reiterate. The Early Bird tickets are available until the end off Thursday the 9 of June. From that point on would tickets will be full fat – e.g. $55.


To purchase a ticket log on to the EGA web page,


Click on Tickets and follow the prompts to get your tickets



Also remember this event is presale only.


Also cabins are now sold out


And Camping on the property is free for the time of the event.



Any questions?, email;




Hope that clears up some of the questions


We hope you can be a party of this event.

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Some FAQ

Gumnut Camp is set on a lush property at the foot of the Grampians. The facilities include a hall, beds for 56 people and a small communal dining area. As well as worm showers and toilets. There is a large grounds and loads of Bush for people to camping in.


“What should I bring with me to EGA?”

“What time can I arrive and when do I have to depart?”

“How do I get to EGA?”

”Can I buy tickets at the gate?”

“Whats the deal with food / cooking et al?

“Will there be fires there, or what?”

“Which days will the workshops be held on and are they compulsory?”

“What is the story with the party?”

“Family’s and ages”

“What can I not bring with me?”

“What if I need first aid?”

“I heard there was a raffle?”

“Where do I get my EGA tickets from?”







“What should I bring with me to EGA”


If you are coming bring everything you would normally take to sustain yourself for the time of the conference, you are responsible for your own well being. So pack for it.



Food and cooking gear

Bedding and camping gear


Warm clothing for cold nights in the trees

Good vibes and an open mind.


“What time can I arrive and when do I have to depart?”

People are free to arrive any time after 2pm Friday 24, and are free to stay until 9am Monday morning.


“How do I get to EGA?”

If you are coming from Melbourne you can follow the directions on our webpage – click on CONFERENCE INFO and scroll down to DIRECTIONS.


If you are not coming from Melbourne and need directions, or need public transport details or want to discuss car pooling….. refer to the TRAVEL INFO page.



”Can I buy tickets at the gate”

No. Tickets are pre-sale only. All tickets must be acquired before the event date. The last day to buy tickets is on Thursday the 23 of June.



“Whats the deal with food / cooking et al? Will there be stalls there run by friendly veggo hippies, or should I bring some food along?”


Pack as if you are camping, including food and cooking facilities. However there will be a food stall there if you want to buy food. There is a menu to choose items from for breakfast, lunch and dinner or you can buy a Food Pass which will cover all your meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) from Friday night (dinner) to Sunday night (dinner).


Also we are about 35 minutes from Ararat, so it is possible to run into the town for supplies and food.



“Will there be fires there, or what?”


Fires for sure, should be no problems there having them. We hope to have at least 2 big ones going on the party night, and one on the Friday and Sunday.





“Which days will the workshops be held on and are they compulsory?”

There will be workshops on both Saturday & Sunday, all workshops are voluntary and you attend at your own discretion and risk.


“What is the story with the party?”


The ‘party’ party is on Saturday night and is going to be a nice little intimate gathering. It has two main elements, the Triptamind floor and also chill space being run by Rainbow Architect.



Good to see people are really starting to pick up on what we are doing, the word is spreading.


Hope lots of you can make it down for this very special gathering of the Owl's.


“Family’s and ages”

Any person of any age can attend – families welcome! Children under the age of 12 are allowed in for free but must be accompanied by a guardian at all times.


“What can I not bring with me?”

For the safety of yourself and others and to ensure EGA has a future– no illegal illicit substance onsite. We are about the free exchange of information.

..and please leave your furry friends at home.


“What if I need first aid?”

We have a first aid kit onsite should you need patching up. It will be in the kitchen area. Also, free water is readily available in the kitchen.


“I heard there was a raffle?”

Yes! A wonderful raffle with stacks of good prizes – valued over $2,500. The raffle will be drawn on the last day of the conference and tickets will be for sale right up to then. Yes, you can buy as many raffle tickets as you like (on our webpage or at the event). Don’t forget to leave your number or email address on the ticket in case you win and can’t be present at the draw. We will notify any absent winners.



“Where do I get my EGA tickets from?”

You can purchase tickets from our webpage……www.entheo.net.

Click on “TICKETS” and follow the prompts.



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