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Here's what I did:


1. I threw 2 grams of bud into some water with about a third of a block of butter.


2. I boiled it for about half an hour then tossed it into the freezer to harden


3. Once it was done I threw it back into an empty pot and melted the mixture at a

low temperature so I could mix it into my cookie mix.


4. I Baked some cookies using the canabutter and enough mixture to make suitable

dough plus one egg.


Everything turned out good, but when it came time to eat them, me and my girlfriend ate almost half the batch and barely felt anything. I was high but it was nothing to write home about. It was like smoking the tiniest bit of bud.


So, we ended up eating the WHOLE batch PLUS smoked a bowl, just to make it worth while.


Now, I don't understand what I did wrong. Even if the boiling didn't get all the THC into the butter, it still should have once they were baked in the oven, because I left all the pot in the butter. So it all cooked up, nothing burned. The amount I used should have been enough for 5 doses, so we should have been puking or something. What went wrong? :) That amount could have lasted me 6 or 7 times smoking...

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i made cannabutter and it turned out filthy :)


from what i gather, you gotta use alot of high quality pot to actually have any decent effect :thumbdown alternatively, you can make up hash and use that in the butter instead, that'll fuck you up :)


with small amounts like a 1/4 or less, its way better to smoke it....it'll get you so much more trashed than what it would consuming it in any other way. but then again i have heard of people using a 1/4 to make up cookies and they have turned out to be 1 cookie and your on the floor :) guess it really depends on the quality and how experienced the person is at cooking with mj.

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But even though I cooked it for only 30 min, it still got cooked in the oven. It should have been just like adding the pot to the mix right off the bat, which I have heard of people doing. This canabutter deal seems to be more of a professional method, I KNOW that you can just do it by baking it all in the oven. But then again, I didn't get very stoned did I? :)


Bah, I need to find some leaf then I guess. How disappointing.

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I had the same experience when cooking for only that amount of time.


I find that to make it worth while you should melt minimum for about 3 hours, but preferably 6 or so.


Also more bud would help, and i'd reccomend using slightly lower quality stuff (and more of it) as i believe you get better mileage smoking good quality bud.

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Jeez, you don't boil it either, boil up some water and take it off the boil and throw your greens in that for a few seconds just to blanch them if you are realy wanting to lose the green taste and when you simmer it with the butter if you have bubbles or a rolling boil it is too hot. To be honest i wouldn't even try to lose the green taste unless i was cooking with leaf. Simmer for a good while, last time i made it i simmered it overnight and when you take it off the heat, take out the greens or put a cake rack in the pot to hold them down and let it cool in the fridge until the butter goes hard and then use that for cooking.


As far as seeds go i am sure you get some in your bag from time to time, while not the best they are better than paying for it and will be just the trick for cannabutter.

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