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scrawny plants

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ok i just went out to look at my plants and one oof them was dead ive been worried about it for about a week now its notthat ol about a week and a half and the reason i was worried was it wasnt growing the stem was weak and now its dead i have 2 others that look like that but i have 3 other plants next to them doing ok not great like the ones out back in the compost pile but doing ok i think they will live but basically why do you think my plant withered and died on me if you need more info just ask
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im in the usa right now ill be moving to europe in two years with my gf will be fienca by then


i think they just need more light im not sure im going to move them to the compost heap b4 they get kinda big i dont really want my mom to know i put mj plants in her garden but im the one that plants everything and does all of the work she just looks at it and takes credit for my roses snapdragons


i got a ph testing kit thing yesterday but its only good for one use so im going to post it later but its going to be from my compost heap and see if you guys can lend a hand in making it a lilttle heathier for my babys


i have named one of them now its caroline(named after my plant kiling gf kills a flower by looking at it but its small its droopy and i think its going to die


ill try and find a camra today to post picks and start a grow diary and see if we can nurse the plant of gods back to health

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