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poppy plants

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poppy plants do you know anything about them becasue i dont know shit about them but i want to grow them just about 200 in my backyard needless to say im tring o harvest black tar from them but im not making anything out of it besides my own supply i can never find my own opium only had real stuff 3 times so i figured id make my own so


1 what kinda of seeds and where to get them from :sly


2 what kinda of soil should i use :detective2:


3 legal issues :thumbdown


4 average yeild :reallyexcited:


5 anything i forgot :devilred:







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your first task wold be to get your hands on some winter gorwing poppies ( like the ones in tazmania ) your seccond task is to make sure the plants parents are not geneticly modified not to creat the stuff you want , many of the comecial poppie growers around australia use these newer modified seeds as they do have other advantages that are not really what people like yus are after


Re what kind of soil to use I would just use a premium topsoil with some added blood & bone and some manure, it will also help with your drainage to put in some perlite and also some clayballs at the bottom of the pots ( another alternative is a broken pot )



as For the legal issues I do reccomend you see what they are specificly in your area but as a whole, organised poppie grows are illegal so if they are in rows with a wateering system your likely to be screwed to the wall :detective2: but depending where you are you could just plant them to apear wild and get in less trouble , in the end though you are breaking the law , even more so once you harvest


for some more info check out poppies.org

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okay the best place to get seed is a website called shaman australis botanicals (just type that in google under in aus). I have bought poppie seeds of them before with no problems.Thay have 3 type's but I recommend persian white for a begginer' thay are one of the easyest to germinate and grow fast.


for soil you need a nice rich black compost or horse manure dug in then spinkle in some slow release fertilizer and water in to get to decomposure process going, but dont keep watering until planting time.


Thay say not to raise in pots but I always do (increased risk of survival/germination). so spinkle your seeds over some fine potting soil and keep moist. transplant when you think it is strongh unuf to look after its self


thay will eventuly grow to come big and lush. now you will soon get flower and then the leaves will fall off when this happens stop watering unless you have to(this is a seacret to a high potancie)


now Im not sure of the timing but soon after you need to star opium extraction' to do this you need knife with a (curve prefably) and you then need to make small slite's in the pod. then the next day scrap the black tar off the side.thats pretty much it.


yeild is about estemate 1 gram per pod if your very lucky


legal issues are that you need a permite to grow. but the consequences I dont know


and the chemicals that opium contains are

morphine=powerful analgesic


papaverine=muscle relaxent


good luck :thumbsup

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Poppies can be tough to grow or insanely easy. Depending on just one thing; where you live.


They heate the heat, and humidity.


Tasmania from memory harvests their poppies around the end of the school holidays, say Feb. So they plant around the end of the year. Say december.


But if you try that in Qld you're not going to get anything.


the trick to grow poppies if you live in a hot climate is to plant in Autumn. Get them established, but before they produce dragon's heads, by the time winter sets in.


They'll go dormant over winter, and as soon as it's warm enough, say late August, they'll all get a bolt on and finish.


This is two extremes, TAsmania verses queensland type differences in growing. If you live in cold climates, simply plant in spring.


Prep the ground by making sure you get rid of every weed. rake the soil so it's dead elevel and free of all lumps and rocks. Mix the seeds with sand, and sprinkle,m or else you'll get huge clusters in spots and nothing in others.


If you get caught with scored pods you'll have hell to pay. But I know several people who have had the cops in their yards and didn't even know they were surrounded by poppies. There's several types of poppis, and only somniferum are illegal (opium poppies). Most seem to think opium poppies are always red, or always white. Yet they come in the most amazing variety of colours. Red flags are my faves. They look like a dutch flag. So especially if you choose a colourful strain, not even the neighbors are liekly to know what they are,let alone the law. But strictly speaking, they're illegal to grow. (the somniferum I mean)


When I lived in TAsmian, I noticed opium poppies (somniferium) growing in every second yard.


Although technically it's illegal to grow them there, as much as anywhere, the poppies are perfectly suited to growing there, and given the huge variety of poppies available to grow, along with the largest legal opium production in the world going on there, no one cares much about the poppies growing around abouts.


As far as I can make out, most people don't bother to plant them there. they just scatter a few seeds, and each year an explosion of colours come up in spring to summer time and again.


My neighbors had the biggest explosion of peonies I ever saw, and they didn't plant a one. They grew a huge crop of peas in their large back yard. but the disturbed soil (prepared for the peas) was just ready when some seeds must have blown in from somewhere and man did it look awsome. They were too straight to bother doing anything with them but.


As stated already, wait until 3 days or so after the petals drop before you score the pods. Use a piece of balsa wood or similar, and snap a safety razor, to retrieve the sharp piece out. Set the razor blade into the balsa, so that it protrudes just 1 mm out of the wood, so you don't cut too deep. if you try to cut by "eye" you'll make amess for sure. Al least unless you do it every day for a few weeks or somthing.


If you cut too deep, the sap will bleed into the pod and you'll loose the lot. Always keep the best half dozen pods to use for seeds next year. Leave them on the stems and keep them dry. wrap a freezer bag over the pods if need be, secured with a rubber band if rain comes. The top of the pod will start to lift away from the pod, revealing little holes under the "hat" which is where the seeds will escape. The trick is to let the hat brown off, and start to turn up, but harvest the seeds before the holes where the hat meets the pod opens completely. It's not overhard. just check every day.


Also the pods you're scoreing need to be kept dry. If you get abig storm just as you're doing the business, then bad luck. Morphine and codiene, and all the other goodies are al water soluble, so the pods geting soaked is a disater. The good gear literally runs out of the pods and down into the ground. They time the harvest in Tasmania so it's the drienst time of year when they're ready. Although they don't score the pods there of course, they use the "straw method".


Score in the evening, so the pods weep into the cool of the afternoon without congealing too quickly. If you score them in the morning, they will seal up quick in the morning sun. Fine if you have a thousnd acres, but with limited pods, evening scores are best. Score just as the sun is setting and wipe clean after they've stopped weeping and gone tacky. usually just after dark.


Any somniferum seeds are fine. Persian whites, Inidian whites, red flags, anything. So long as they're somniferum. Taz poppies are the strongest, but as mentioned, about half of them are produced to be high not in morphine/codiene. Rather, they're bred to be high in a product called thebaine, which is used in producing oxycontin.


Thebaine is completely useles for what you want, so unless you can secure taz seeds from a source you're sure are of the 50% that are high in morph, it's a chance you'll waste your entire effort.

If you do happen to get the right Tas poppies, you'll be happy you did though. My experience though is the only way to do that is to live in Tasmania, and get them yourself, and by trial and error; find the right ones.


Failing that there's a variety of seed companies that sell poppies seeds, and a site called "Poppies.org" that although joining is almost impossible now days, you should be able to go through their forums and archives to get more info.


good luck.


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No worries mate. Poppies are great to grow just for their looks, so even if it doesn't work out to what you want to do, you couldn't call growing them a waste of time.


Hey Tom, I've never seen anything even remotely indicating a warning in Tasmania regarding poppies. Was that way back when it all started or something?


What struck me when I was livin' down there for that short while, was just how little, or rather NO security or warning signs there were.


Often not even a fence at all, or farms with bales of straw for sale, which require the customer to drive or park right among the poppies to pick up the bales.


Just like your pic of the pods..lean over the fence, if one exists at all...Although I saw a couple very large paddocks along the highway near Devonport a few years back, with fences like a POW camp or something. The poppies were as tall as a decent crop of corn, say around a meter and a half tall or more, and pods like tennis balls. They must have been some genetic modified ones that they don't grow (sarcasm supplied). Just the biggest poppies I've ever seen. More like giganthiums than taz's. I wanted to get out and go for a walk along the road there a while (amazing just how many cars were "broken down" on the side of the road near those paddocks).But I wasn't going to play, the cops had a non stop back and forth procession along that road for that crop. It must have been pretty special to have been fenced like that and to have had so much attention from the police.


I snapped these pics one day, to try and grasp the magnitude of the of the harvests down there of opium. But it was just a cheap crappy camera, and it completely failed to capture the size of the crop. And as you know, it just goes on for mile after mile, after mile...


Awsome to look at I reckon.






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