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Morning Glory - Some Questions

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Well I am going to pick up some morning glory Heavinly Blue seeds. Probably only 150.


I want this to go between 3 people which seems unlikely. I have read various articles on different preperation methods.


The first and most common is by grinding the seeds up and making into a tea. Id say this has a mixed result of null + full.


Second method I came across is by simply munching the seeds. This seems to produce about the same ratio of success to the tea, maybe a little less and seems to cause more nausea.


Third is by grinding the seeds very fine and placing in capsuals. This I only came across once and produced very good strong results amongst 3 people that did it at the time. With no nausea experienced.


The last method is by smoking them. Now I have come across mixed info. ON the net I came across an event where a pinch of powdered seed was added to a cone of weed. Mild visuals and other morning glory symptoms were recorded. HOWEVER speaking to another ethno friend of mine said that the alkaloids are very light and heat sensative and he said that no effects should happen from it. So I did a bit more searching and came across others that have smoked the seeds, but no real info on results or effects.


What I really want to know is if anyone has tried morning glory and if so by what method and what effects were experienced.


Thanks again sorry for any typo's cbf reading again

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if you get weak seeds it takes more my old dealer had soe that you only had to take 6 and if you like those also try hawiian baby rose seeds rather nice and dont forget your flaris absolutly mind blowing plant right there i have a shit load growing in my back yard its wild here everyone has it no ne know what it is once i get a pic ill start posting here a lot i love legal highs there great
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skinning doesnt get rid of the nausea. The reason u scrape the skin is because they are coated with pestacide that is poisonous. I dont know why you would buy them off a dealer when they are legal and can by them from most shops??


The seeds I am getting arent coated and yeh pure I agree I think I will just get a few more pods and do a proper extraction rather then waste my time.


HBW I have been meaning to try also.


Thanks for your help, appreciated :thumbsup

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think you may just be looking in the wrong places , anywhere that sells you somethign like salvia should have woodrose , or morning glorie seeds ,


salvia is a schedualed drug here the seeds of the hbwr , and mg are 100% legal though provided they are treated with sulfur

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..And providing they are not imported!


importing MG or HBWR will get your arse kicked, house raided and your dog raped

(bloody federal agents!!) :o


Luckily this stuff grows well in OZ


Contact a friend of mine

who sells seed of these very attractive ornamentals

late winter through late spring is the harvest time and they are their at their most viable then




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