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ok i just went in to my room and opened my germination box and found a 3 inch seedling in ther leafs are kinda yellow and it really tried reaching for the light it cant be more then 2 days old im going to transplant it to my grow house i only germinate here but im happy it came from a bag but it was some good ass bud i dont know what kinda stupid dealers ive only found a couple that actually carry stands and know what they are but this is something with big bud or thats what j says and he knows shit loads more then i do but not for long sorry kinda started rambling and



and now a question for everyone how bad is smoke for a plant mj tabbaco incents wood fire smoke ect

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I found out from my first grow that using seed found in bags of nice dank buds, usually just two or three seeds in an oz, will give you Hermies!!!!!


Think about it, two or three seeds in an oz, the plant must have either been pollenated from an outside source, unlikley. Or the plant was a hermie, hermies that appear to be female yet have just a few male flowers hiding amongst the buds are probably more common than people think.


On a higher note, despite having a few male flowers pop up on my first grow, I ended up with zero seed! I removed most of the male flowers as they appeared but found quite a few clusters at harvest time that I had missed. I have no idea why there was no seed. Anyone got any theories?

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