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mj that dosent look like mj

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I have heard of a strain called "dizzy" i think, but it may well be more of a fabel than a reality, it grows with practically no shade leaves some pics are available, i've heard its based on a strain called ABC "aussie bloody canabis", to the best of my knowlege the dizzy strain is unavaible, have a search thru the various pot sites i think i found details at a pom site a while ago
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Canna pretty much looks like canabis at the end of the day , different leaves may fool some in veg but once flower has hit ther is no mistaking a cannabis plant for somethign else , the cola's tend to give it away more so than the leaves, pluss you have the whole smell issue


dizzy and ducksfoot definatly have unique traits that are not as common as a strndard indica or sativa leaf but they still wouldn't fool someone checkign it out


I have delted a few other threads of the same topic you posted today , please just stick to one post per question , It keeps the boards and your answers neater, most questions here get answered no matter what section they are placed in :o

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