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New to growing. Got a lot of questions.

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Well, this is my first post here, so I don't know what kind of help to expect, but I'm giving it a shot.


I'm considering getting into growing my own weed. I did some research online and the best website I've found so far for buying is aaa-weedseed.com, but the only other websites I've really looked at are planetskunk and xpat, which I only took quick looks at the privacy and shipping info. Reason I chose aaa is because they mention that it looks like they emphasize discreetness, so I'm expecting something marked only "Vancouver, Canada" in a generic return adress. They also allow you to pay in US cash. So my first question is, anyone ever use aaa-weedseed before? Also, do the other sites offer the same privacy and payment options without forcing you to register an account?


I've been looking at different strains too. So far I'm thinking Nirvana brand because it's pretty cheap. Some of the strains I'm thinking about are their Early Bud, Hawaii x Skunk, Misty or Early Misty, Ice, or White Widow. Anyone got an opinion on this?


So after I get my seeds I need to know when a good time to plant them is. Most places say Sept-Oct, but then I saw someone post that Sept. is good in the Southern hemisphere. I'm in the northern hemisphere in a sort of subtropical region. The only seasons are cool, hot, and hotter. What do I do?


Now I gotta decide where to plant. My backyard won't work, but behind the fence there's a 10-12 ft. wide stretch before a canal. It's mostly packed sand from when cars used to drive by when my neighborhood was being built (they don't come anymore) and weeds, so I'll either have to buy soil from Home Depot or get some from my yard if I want to plant there. Farther down at one end of this stretch of land is a fence which blocks entrance from the road in front of my neighborhood. There are some weeds that would have to be cleared and some bushy trees that could provide cover from most passer-by's eyes, but I don't htink there'd be enough sun there.

I'm thinking the best place I can plant would be behind my next door neighbor's house. He has some tall, thick bushes up againts the back fence, but he never comes out of his house anyway, so there won't be any interference there. Other than that, the area's kind of in the open. Very rarely (maybe once a year) someone might decide to take a walk back there, and occasionally a pair of rich people will ride their horses on the opposite side of the canal, but I doubt any of them would recognize the plant for what it is, especially at that distance. Thoughts? Ideas? Anything would be useful.


Alright, so I got my seeds, I know where to plant, now whats the best way to germinate? I'm thinking I'll put them two to a pot until they get a couple inches high (or should I do this right after they sprout?). Then I'll transpant them to a ditch filled with good soil and water them 3-5 times a week, maybe giving em a bit of miracle grow once in a while, while they get to be mature.

I've also read that it's usually a good idea to put them in a moist paper towel in a cool, dark place until they open. I don't know too much about this method, so I could use opinions.


Finally, I have about 5-10 mature, flowering plants if all goes well (saved five seeds for later use). If I'm lucky, most of them will be female except one or two. Why do I want males at all, you ask? While I want a good smoke from the buds, I'm hoping to propogate my stash without having to keep buying seeds. I'm also thinking about getting into a small dealing business (don't warn me about the risks. I understand them and I'm making plans to minimize them, should I choose to enter the trade). So what's the best method to get some good weed and produce a few seeds in the same crop? I've heard that you can get the pollen from a male and rub it in just one or two buds of a female plant. I'm interested in any info about this.


And one, final, probably noobish question: Generally it's said that a male plant should be removed and destroyed as soon as it's found, yes? So I guess this means you can't smoke the leaves of the male plant?

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Heya Dealer welcome to OS :thumbsup


So my first question is, anyone ever use aaa-weedseed before? Also, do the other sites offer the same privacy and payment options without forcing you to register an account?


I have not used them before i have only baught seeds from Klozit Kings seedbank i have got seeds 2 out of 2 times good stealth.


I have not grown the strains you are talking about but if ya check out KK i would recomend Afghini Shark or AK47 :thumbsup


When to plant depends alot on climate and lighthours. You want longer light hours at the start and shorter lighthours at the end of grow for flowering. If you start off indoors, This can greatly help to establish the plants first before TPing outside.


I would not have plants anywhere near prying eyes. If you know what a MJ plant looks like then there is no mistaking it. And ya know murphys law if anyone at all is walking round back there it will be just your luck that they know what it is. I would keep the grow indoors or look for somewhere else.


As for germinating i have allways used wet tissue paper until i went hydro now i use rockwool cubes. You can put them straight in pots or ground just make sure its prepared first.


Then I'll transpant them to a ditch filled with good soil and water them 3-5 times a week, maybe giving em a bit of miracle grow once in a while


This is not a good way to do things you should water the plants when they need it not just 3-5 times as that could be over/under watering them. As for nutes you need to work out a bit of a feeding program to make sure your babies get what they need.


If ya want seeds just take some pollen from a male and sprinkle some pollen on lower buds (the smaller ones that wont be primo buds) being careful not to get higher branches and you should get a seed for every hair you see on bud roughly.


hope i helped some.



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You can smoke all of the male plant as far as i know, the only thing is it tastes poor and doesn't have the kick of female plants.


The reason males should be destroyed is they make females go seedy. It is quite reasonable to grow a male for pollen to make seed. That having been said however it is probably a good idea to take a bit of care with it, i had several arguments with a friend who wouldn't kill a male he kept outdoors. For some reason he never understood. Males can pollenate females up to 12km's away in favourable conditions so any other growers in your area will not be happy campers. Growing males for pollen is probably best done indoors.

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I've found with seed selection it pays to very fussy, seed and light are the 2 areas you can never cut corners to save money, Ive grown with bagseed(crap), $50 white skunk seeds(crap) $200 AK47 serious seeds( awesome), genetics are everything, Id consider cloning either from a mother plant or from your current grow, growing your own seed is a good thing in principal but a lot of work and risk with seeding your whole crop, even if there in seperate rooms
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Thanks for the help so far. I sort of changed my mind on the seeds I might get. Depending on my payment options for xpat, I might go with some Mexican Sativa or Leiden Kush (both from Sensi, I think).


As for the stealth thing, I'm guessing most people who would be coming by generally wouldn't recognize a pot plant unless it was growing ten feet high with 13-fingered leaves stretching in their faces. There are plenty of other generic weeds around to make them think it's just another wild plant.


I'll be a little more careful watering and fertilizing than what I said in the first post. I was just sort of summerizing my plans. As for the male plnats, should I just remove them after I've taken a little bit of pollen or would it be a good idea to try and move them somewhere else a little farther away and keep growing? I don't really have too much money to go throwing away good plants.


Right. Forgot to mention, when do I plant in the northern hemisphere again?



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If you don't have the money to throw away, you don't want your females fertilised.


Take a cutting of the male and destroy the rest or dig the whole thing out (be careful if it has balls as a little movement can make them drop their pollen). Move the male to an area well away from your females and let it flower up.


To be honest, unless you have some serious breeding plans, seeds are not realy the way to go. If you can take sucessful cuttings, take a cutting of each of your females and label them and when you test out which one is the best you can keep that one alive.

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I have heard mixed things on nirvana . some people say they totally suck , some people think its good value with grows to prove it . But they are cheap and I always work on the assumption that you get what you pay for in life . So go for sensi or serious seeds , no one ever seems to have anything bad to say about them and your off to a good start . sensi have an outdoor mix for about 50 euro and you get 40 seeds . its a great way to start your seed collection off . you wont need to worry about collecting males and polen as much either . as i said b4 xpat and planetskunk will see you right .


ive known people who got good stealth results by tieing down the plant and training it into the surounding foliage . works well in a garden blending it into the other plants . but if your gurilla growing out in the wilderness that might not be an option .

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