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White widow x skunk??

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Hey all out there


Just found this great site, usaly on cannabis.com


Im a first time grower, but have done that much reading on hydro and growing dope, i pretty much know the ropes. But theres so many different opinions, like some want the nutes at 16-1800 while others say 1200!! Im growing WW x Skunk,

Has anyone else grown this strain before? Does anyone know what the perfect nute solution is? I use A & B organics. and i got truncheon


Also with the flush of water a week before rip, should it be that long? Again ive been told do only 2 days flush,to save nutes in the plant! what do you guys and girls think!!!!


Ive added a pic. Just finished its 3rdwk of bloom, sorry about the light. one of my crowns, bout 6 7 cms.


Peace out stay high



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nice bud ya got going there mate as for your q's .... i don't know what the perfect nute solution is cos i'm a soily at heart , gonna do a bubbler as soon as i've sexed and cloned . The flush bit i do for 2 weeks , cos why would you want to leave nutes in the plant ?


anyways nice to have you on board mate and good luck with the grow i'm sure ppl will answer your q's when they get out of bed .... ::blink::



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for my system i run my truncheon roughly around-


700ppm in clone and seedling, once they ask for food.

1000ppm max for first 2 weeks of veg,

1680ppm veg,

1820ppm Flowering.

Most strains I grew like this,

More ferts means slower fatter growth, less will give you faster growth but longer internodes.


As for flushing a week is fine, but 2 is better.

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hmm , i have a pack of the white label - whiteskunks . they were freebies from a order from planet skunk .
what was bad about them ?


i found it was just a Lo grade of smoke, good yeild, good smell during growth, but it lacked any overall power, the taste was barely ok to rough, it did seem to improve in taste,smoothness and strength about 10+ weeks after harvest, probably more like a rough bag seed smoke than what i expected from a cross of whitewidow and skunk, i have grow diarys in the diary section on both grows.

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Hey all,

Ive herd great things about white skunk, I got my clones from an old hippy mate. It was a 5th gen when i got hold of it. Plus ive brought smoke of him and it got me trashed, very sweet smooth smoke. type of stuff you can feel run straight through you.


Indica fucks you up? right and sativa is mellow?


Whats the most potent strain i could get?


Anyway peace out , stay high :thumbsup

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