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one of the main reasons im a chef is mj and nothing is better then home made doughnuts when stoned with the possable exception of my sugar cakething i made it doesnt have mj in it but its great

5 egg whites

pinch salt

1 1/2 cups sugar

3/4 up dried fruit

2 tespoons cornstarch

2 tspoon appl evinarag

1/4 tespoon vinnila extract

preheat 300

put in drop heat down to 250

heat tell light brown

let cool do on wax paper

takes a few hours in oven

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I am a frequent visitor to my local bakery/ cake shop, and I have to say, the rasberry fingerbuns there are to die for when stoned.


pretty awesome stuff, anyone agree how good bakery sweets are when stoned?





Today i went of a mack mish after punching a few cones to go buy some bread and milk... and the closest place to do that is at the bakery!


just the smell made me weak at the knees..


So i had to run in and see what elese the shrapaz in my pocket could afford.


Custard tarts and fruit fucking flans.


fuck yeah... bakery munch is deh breast.


fucking cheap too.


My bakery always has this section where they sell bags of shit that might be a day old for 2 bucks...





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Yeah go the Bakery Bargain Bins!!


I don't reckon you can go past a fresh, buttered, bacon and cheese roll *drools*.


If any stoners here feel like going on a REAL big fuckin' mish, i suggest you travel to Holland and go to a place called S'Hertogen Bosch. Here, you can get a local delight called a Bosche Bolle, it is the most amazing food in the world.

It's like a chocolate ball wrapped in cream, i am not explaining well, but if you ever go to holland try one of these!!

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