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HOney Oil can be made from co2

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co2 has no liquid phase, it sublimes into a gas from solid direct. So it cannot be used as a pressurised liquid extraction method. Still, the gas itself might do it, but I'm not sure.


I seem to remember someone doing it a while back, where did I read that? Or was it that they couldn't... hmmmm... not too sure.  Anyway, I doubt it would make a good substance.  For the reason outlined above.


And yeah, its usually nitrogen, but dry ice can also be used for wart removal.... I had a verruca (ingrown wart on base of foot) when I was a little tyke... Ended up having to be burned out...  lol  :blink:


I recently made my first batch of honety with co2 last week, i have masterd the butane method repetively, and i must say the butane extraction works fine aslong as u use a good clean butane.. i will not tell u how , cuase u need to but some of your own thought in to this project.. but if u release enough co2 into a sealed canister you it will leak a liquid after preassure build up.. the oil comes out much much more yellower clear,, and much smoother.. i found that now that if i want to make honey with time and patience use co2, but if ur in a rush and jus want honey butane is the easiest way.. If u have any more questions post them and ill get back for sure.. other then that, smoke the chron everyday, and stoners keep this world interesting thanx ;) get back to me gardulski_2001@yahoo.ca

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Supercritical co2 can be brought into a liquid state, but it requires high pressures, much higher than those for making butane oil, afaik.


Were your yeilds similar? It would be most interesting to see your device, and some piccies would be very useful to the community at large. CO2 canisters would be comparitively cheaper than butane, not to mention co2 not being flammable, but still, I'd like to see the device allowing such a strong buildup of pressure as to turn the co2 supercritical... but then you posted this in there too...


i will not tell u how , cuase u need to but some of your own thought in to this project


Uh, so why post then? Just to take one of my ancient posts and say "look, he's wrong!"?


Cool, I must be really popular now, I'm being attacked! :blink:

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Yes please tell us a bit on how you did it as it sounds interesting, but a lot more info is needed to give us a bit of an idear on were to start...


ill tell u guys lil day by day,, im busy and goin to school and the only time i have is when im burnt out and bout to fall asleep.. First of all have 420 everyone i hope you guys dont have such a splitting headache as me right now,... ouch

Today i will explain to you the first step in to making your device.. you must use a pipe with threading ,, same as your butane.. but this time what youll be using is the bigger co2 bottle form a paint ball gun i think their 8oz.. and you will be using the release valve from an old barbecue. now u put the rest together.. after fiddling and attaching and cocking and making a messy devise but it worked.. stay tuned and ill tell ya about the quantity , the tecture and the taste.. E Z boyz and gurlZ

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