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first time indoor grower

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ok im setting up a grow room in my closet 2widex7longx8tall im going to use soil but thats about all i know what should i add to it im going to be either covering my floor in plastic and just making it a coot or two deep or im going to build a box with is what i think im going to do but im not suere how to make it really but hers my question i havea 400 watt light and some ice seeds but i dont really know what to do with them at all my ive ever done is throw some seeds down on the compost heap and watch them grow any advise would be welcomed
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ok i have a problem i descided to use a 50/50 perlite/soil mix now i have a deficency the leafs are turning yellow and brown and wilting and falling off (in a couple of instinces) from the bottom up it is affecting almost all of my plants and has killed 2 i didnt see them for a couple of days and look what happens my buddy fucks it up oh well but how do i fix it its pretty bad on some of them Edited by fsagertyaef
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i dont wanna sound rude or anything but instead of thinking and typing, occassionally you should look at the screen because alot of that 1st post barely made sense ;)


ok well how big are the plants and are they in pots or anything?


a few things come to mind, first and formost for me is that plants dont like soil indoors, like i just said FOR ME...I have always had problems with soilies indoors, they seem fine for the first couple of weeks then the yellowing begins :thumbdown


secondly, you could have a nitrogen deficiency in which case you should get some fish emulsion or any other organic fert high in N, soil isnt the biggest fan of chemical nutes + with organics its alot harder to do damage....


last thing i can think of for the time being is that the plants are root bound, but even if that was the case, i dont think your plants should have died as i have seen massive plants in small pots, just all the lower plant material was dead :)


you already have the whole setup going for an indoors crop, personally i'd just take cuttings, buy some coco and more perlite if you need more and start growing hydroponically...the yellowing doesnt appear (again, for me ;)) and the plants will grow faster and probably more lush and healthy, but if you can pull off a fully organic soil grow, you'll get awesome tasting buds :jerry:

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my only problem is where im growing i dont have comp acces which makes it difficult though i might be getting another comp


in responce theyare in pots right now i need to put a few of them in bigger ones they arent growing very fast at all compared to my biggest same age 3 4 times as big most of them only have/had about 12-20 leafs on them my biggest one is perfectly fine its my smaller ones that are gving me trouble ill see if my buddy has his digital camra working yet if more info would help just ask i will give all the info i can


about the first post that was when i didnt really knwo wha i was talking about and from the way i think when im high i was compleatly blasted sorry about that

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