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I dont live up there but I was interested. I've heard there's no growing seasons up there is this true? If so how does the plant get triggered to go into budding? How long does a plant take to reach maturity? And if there are seasons then when is the best time to plant and harvest up there? I need to know for future reference :peace:


i n the tropics the days are shorter , so they trigger to flower faster ... the season is all year round , but i prefer the shorter dry season grow , the long season has its problems ,, monsoonal rains arent fun to deal with ...

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I was up around there in January Ferengi. I can tell you it sure rains alot then :)..


I've kind of fallen in love with Darwin though after a recent trip there so one day in the future I may make a lifestyle changing move there. Got no idea what the ganja scene's like there, wasn't there for that, all I know is they drink ALOT..

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I imagine the climate would be awesome. Even though it's humid, and thunderstorms may swamp...i'd reckon it'd be ideal for a "plant and Forget" grow considering additional watering should not be an issue in the wet season.


Plant a Sativa dominant Strain, and i'm sure you'd be right. Clip off the bottom 1/2 metre or so of the plant side branching, and even a mild flood shouldn't hamper an established plant. The sativa would combat the Humid conditions and be better for mold resistance.


..I'd bet i could grow some mean plants up there....i love that climate, i have love my holidays up that way....oh and the fishing up that way......If only.....but i;m stuck down south...bugger!!!!

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The main trouble in the south if theres alot of rain is that the plants may stretch a little bit but thats dew to cloud cover more id say and less full sun . Check out what the local market gardners do etc , id say in those conditions with lots of rain and hot sunny days your plants would pump and then going into the dry should be done maybe a little later than further south , its not like your plants are goin to get washed away unless there in a flood zone , once you get to know the area you live in and understand the seasons youll work it out, backyard would be the best place to start .
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