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salvia divinorum

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salvia divinorum... heavy almost narcotic high etc. etc....

it sound like a load of fun... does anyone know a great deal about this plant?


i was wondering if it is legal in australia like it is in other countries, if you can buy seeds from an australian seed company... if anyone has any info about it id appreciate it :unsure:

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Guest Urbanhog

You can't get Sally (Salvia's nickname for those who don't know) seeds, Salvia plants are usually grown from cuttings, and they are orginally from Mexico, and they contain an chemical called Salvorian A or something, it's similar to DMT, and the high only last for least than 15-20 mins tops, with "afterglow" lasting for few hours, they effect everyone differently.


These plants are pretty rare in Australia, a lot of people kept for themselves since they became illegal, for more information check out:




They have more information about its current law status, anyway it's a forum for those interested in ethnobotany (totally different to MJ), even you get seeds from Sally's flowers they will not germinate at all.... they grow best in tropics, and they like wettish soils and plenty of humidity, they hate direct sunlight, like "rainforest plants"


For once Australia banned a plant first before other countries, its usually other countries ban it first and Australia follows like a damned puppy,


By the way mashed, I think you posted in the wrong posting/forum, this posting is for MJ seeds/strains, etc... but don't worry, just letting you know, I believe that the 420Australia should have other area for non-cannabis products.


For those REALLY want to get sally cuttings, you will have to find the right contacts in North NSW area..... not easy.... I was lucky to get some few weeks before they became illegal...... I no longer have them.... gave away.


In some states, getting busted with Sally is the same law "level" as heroin, Iam not kidding....


Let me tell you, when I first smoked Sally, it scared the crap out of my soul, and it's not something I will smoke all the time.....


Hope helps a bit guys :)

Cheers Urbanhog :ph34r:

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salvy "what i call it" is not to be f%#!%ed with, only if u know what ur doing,, i bought a cutting from nimbin, and am growing it now, is a really cool looking plant,, when u cut a leaf off it grows back another branch, so after a lttle while it gets big,,,, it is highly illegal,, but who the hell knows what it looks like, all pictures i have seen , the leaves look different, i have the thing growning in my front yard,,,,,, just thought id pass on some salvy info,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oh yeah,, u cant grow seeds of it, cuttings only,,,, but if u let it grow big enough the plant will lets branches fall, and they will grow where they fall, so cuttings nearly always grow,, a very cool plant, byyyyyeee
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