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Noob grower questions

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k, so it's my first real attempt at growing. I have 5 plants growing under some shop lights with plant/aquarium bulbs (about 5000 lumens total). They are about 2 and a half weeks into vege and between 4-6 inches. Look pretty healthy and i'm starting to worry about when i gotta start flowering. Since its spring here i want to move them outside for flowering but i don't know if i should start the 12/12 cycle using the shop lights or put them outside and hope they continue to vege for a bit and get a little bigger. Also what kinda weather should i wait for before i move them outside (tempature wise). Hopefully i can get my camera working and post some pics sometime soon. Any comments or tips would be apprectiated.


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Thats actually what it is, fluros but they are made for growing. also i just put in 2 more cfls it seems to be working pretty well so far. So when should i start the 18/6 cycle? also since the days are getting longer and the nights wont be very long will that affect the plants anyway? Will it start to flowering on its own?
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