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Just turn lights down..

Guest elefunk_delivers

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Guest elefunk_delivers

Sup ppls...

i just recently turned down my lights from 24 on to 12 night/day.. and i was wondring how long till i see sum major budding sensations...

ive got 2 pistals breaking out on the mature stems already so it seems to have just started..

a friend told me that i need to keep the lights off for at least 36 hours to give them a kick into flowering is this tru.. my ganja friends..?

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I'm on day 16 of flower(12/12) and the tips are just turning white with hairs. You should start to see things happening after week 2. At around week 5 is when you see major budding, Depending on strain i spose.

Dont give them 36 hours dark, Just go straight into 12/12.

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Guest elefunk_delivers

cheerz guys.. any suggestions on extra buddin nutes..?

eg: megabud


im currenttly running canna flores..

thats it but im intereted in the clear bottle with red lable..??

its a canna brand name any1..

t :) ryd it...?

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