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Hi All,


Where I am at the moment is very wet and humid, I have 2 girls growing out doors and are about 2 weeks away from harvest. I'm abit concerned about mould,What do I look for?

There has been no major changein the plant but was just curious as to what to look out for.




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If you find mould then usually the best option is to harvest immediately as it can destroy your plants in a few days, cut away any infected areas and a bit more as well then dry the rest as you normally would, just check for mould a bit more often, any recoverable mj from the infected off cuts should be dried as fast as possible.



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also treat with a product called "citro fresh " it is a fully organinc mould killer / defence, the citrus aciids in it effectivly kill off the mould spores and will stop it from spreading , you are still best off cuttign out the infected area but treat that spot before and after cuttign it out ,


you spray before and after because the before spray will wet the spores stoppign them from floating in the air when you are cuttign out your mould ( spores beign what they are only need the slightest breeze to move which could be caused boy moving clothing), then you treat the area under the problem and around it to stop any possible spreading


search carefully and deal with it as quick as possible , each mould spore will double itself roughly every 30 mins to 40 mins whilst still at room temperature , the idea drying room for buds with mould is a colder but very dry environment the warmer and more humid your dryign area the faster it will multiply ( up to a certain temp anyway but passign that will kill THC aswell lol )


If you have problems finding an area that meets a low humidity environment to dry , use a big tub with some sort of desiccant in the bottom

this will draw in the moisture from the stem air and bud , if you want some help on desiccants just let me know , it is a pretty large topic though so I won't ramble about it if there is no point :rolleyes:


I have alwasy used a tub full of desiccant in my drying room to keep the humidity down , just make sure to get yourself atleast a pack of the indicating ones otherwise you won't know when to recharge them lol

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