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Wierd ass bugs

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Hey stoners, just been to see me mate as he has had a wierd problem hes never seen before and its got me stumped too. In his res/brain(same) tank he has these little white worm like bugs(very very small) that skim across the surface of the water the same way that mosquito larvae does.I guess the only difference is that these are ON the surface and not below like mozzies. Anybody know? :rolleyes:
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Oh! for sure? what is the best way to nuke em without chemicals?-i know you get scarid fly drench and shite but me mate aint into chemicals- like me! I told him last night that regardless he should flush continuosly and drain his tank until he has no visible larvae until i checked with my vast library of knowlege(which is you guys/gals).

thanks :rolleyes:

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yeah as f420 said neem oil is really good but a little hard to find sometimes and expensive. Have also used pyrethrum in nutes with really good results.


Run your pesticide for a couple of days and do a water change. use some canna zym to turn the dead roots that the lava was eating into useable nutes, imho zym is the best product canna make. Within a few days after the water change and using zym you will notice the roots throwing white fuzzing hairs everywhere.


Scarid fly is very very common and does slows the plants down heaps, it would not hurt running pyrethrum in nutes 1 day a week before water change for the rest of the grow, after you have cleaned the initial infection



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