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Should I be worried about this?

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i thought i saw your plants flowering before but they didnt look anything like that lol


keep them under 24/0 untill u notice that they start to grow more leaves instead of buds, could take upto 3 weeks :thumbdown


whats really funny is that your plants are about as resinous as mine atm and we are growing the same strain and im months ahead...now i feel like a shit grower lol :rolleyes:

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my plants had pre flowers on them all throughout growing but nothing like that :scratchin


was told that the plants flower because the mums were all under 24 hours of light as well as the clones that were taken....


like you i had my plants on 18/6 but i was only getting flowers along the stem and nothing more, my mate who i took cuttings for is having the exact same thing happen to his plants but nothing like what your having :scratchin

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