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All gone >:|

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Went to check on my 8 babies to day, last time I saw them less then a week ago they were doing so great, nice and tall and healthy.


Planted no shit so far away from human being. No nearby tracks.


Anyway go to check up on them today, and all 8 are gone!


No signs of them anywhere, no holes where they had been ripped out, just as if they were never there at all.


SO FRUSTRATING, there goes my harvest :) :angry: :thumbdown

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haha my friends brother used that razor blade trick haha he went to check on his ladies and found all his plants in tip top condition..he also found a fuck load of blood on the ground haha...he never did find out who it was but they sure as hell didnt come back :smoke
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damn man, sorry to hear about your loss :thumbdown


the razor blade thing works a treat, so do fish hooks :) but if i were a ripper, just cuz im stubborn i would move the razors out of the way and continue to rip the plants just cuz the fucker would have cut me up :) but since i have respect for my fellow growers, im not about to steal any plants or anything else for that matter from anyone, theives are the scum of society....


if u are going to set up boobie traps and the crop gets discovered by police, your in a whole world of trouble which i find rude as your protecting what is rightfully yours but its the law :thumbdown

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