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1st sog


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65 plants in all, 7 strains, and approx 30 were twice the height to start with than the rest. next time they will all be the same height and strain. i can see the way to a pound per 1000 watt harvest opening up. i'm thinking this will be 12-13 0z or so. strains were swt#3, red devil, ak47xc99,white rhino, afghani #1, red hair skunk,sweet #3auto( smells real good)


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they will dry out while i'm on holiday, i hope know one decides to break in... i'll be enjoying the beach in nowra with some of my family. 1000 watts hps( brand new bulb) 2 tanks co2 0ver 7 weeks(didn't feel like buying another over the last week) canna bloom ferts and pk 13-14 for 3-5 weeks( thanks, sa great additive) 72 hours pitch black at the end just before the chop (thanks tom) seems to bring out more of the resins


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and i only fed them once per 48 hours woulc u belive! cause its the busy period were i work, and usually finishing arou 3-4 am after a 10 hour shift sometimes without a break. so when i'm not working i'm vegging on the couch. my house is usually 2-5 degress hotter inside than out this time of year!


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i have 4 200mm fans on for 10 min every 30 mins(2 inlet and 2 outlet) and 2 oscilating fans on constantly. its the same room i was using to grow in. i woke up this mornig at 7 am and went ballistic, pulling down the panda film thet divided the rooms. and rough manicuring th buds. found some water had been leaking under to panda onto thr carpet. no matter the 200mm fans + the oscilating fans took care of trhat in 2 houtrs or so. all up it took 8 hours to get things in order, and i still have to get ready to move interstate after new years. so there many long hot days ahead here in sydney.
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hey tigger,


Done very well for only 48 hour checkups.


Just one q


What was the yield difference between the taller and shorter ones?


My average was 14g off the same size misty clones (30cm start12/12 60-75cm finished) so i think your underguestimating yourself aswell :o


I get 6g off a 15 cm finished swt3



In the 4.2g a watt thread it explains it better, if i could get 3lb a 1k i cant see why you couldnt do a bit better using co2 etc :P

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well, for the affi's: 12g average

sweet: 12g average

less for red hair and sweet auto, but have turned out more solid. some of the small ones had only a gram or 2, but they were the smallest and didn't even stretch when switched to 12/12. (they were grown directly under the light,tallest to the edges)if i had used all 30 cm cuts to start with, i estimate close to a 2lb yield. not bad for pots measuring 12 cm across the top and 14 cm deep. if the pots were square, would make a big diff. and if i'd used 3 parts vermiculite and 1 part perlite, instead of the 50/50 i was using with the bigger pots, would be mush better lol. been great thou, and my next sog will be much better.

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