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what is wrong?


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hey every1...i got this plant off a friend of mine to look after while he is on holidays..im not sure how old it is, or what strain it is but i am pretty sure that growing it in that tiny pot and with no air getting in because of the bucket thing he has over the top isnt going to do the plant too well...can some1 tell me what is wrong with the plant? the bottom leaves are starting to turn yellow and droop down..the friend told me only to leave the lid off for 10 mins a day..to explain the "bucket thing" further.. it is a clear plactic cylinder that is sealed off at one end..he has to of them which he tapes together.. the opening is about 20cm wide and it is around 50cms tall,,inside this he has a tiny pot about 15 cms in diameter. during the day all the water from the plant and soil evaporates up into the top of the bucket..and within a few hours condenses and the water comes back down onto the plant, which is about 30 cms tall and has about 6 branches on each side. Can any1 tell me what i should do? sorry the explination isnt too good i am absoulutly ripped at the moment..but yeh. ...thanks..
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Moved to General Questions...


But yeah, your friend is killing his plant..


They need fresh air, constantly. They need to be able to transpire water to cool down as well, which is the condensation you're seeing. 90% of all the water drawn up by the plant is simply transpired to the atmosphere, kinda like sweating.


Take the plant, pot it up into a larger container, give it good drainage, sunlight, and if it's in soil, it won't need nutrients quite yet if it's young.


And have a good read through the forums, that's your best bet for working out what may be wrong with your plant, and the growing methods.


Most of the time it's a fundamental growing requirement, (air, water, temp, nutes, media) which are causing plant problems, and the other 10% it's usually a pest or disease.


Hope that helps, and get that plant out of that humidicrib it's in. You're suffocating it. lol

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