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That may slightly delay a flowering response if under 12:12, or below it's trigger point if outdoors, which it looks like it is, and should be coming up soon, but wouldn't stop it. The plants look pretty good there mate, if you're outdoors, don't worry too much, it can take as long as 16 weeks or even more for some of the more sativa dominant equatorial strains, whereas many of the subtropical and temperate strains are excellent yeilders in 8-10, usually the latter rather than the former, but still, much quicker.


As much info as you can tell us about the plant, it's environment, your lattitute, (climate generally would do, or general area in oz would be even better, we respect privacy though. lol ) method of growing, etc... the better we can help you see what's happening with your plant.


As Tony Barber would say... "More information please...."

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yeah mate i'm in suburbs of Melbourne itz just planted in the back garden in what seemed 2 be really good top soil...i started it off ina pot with premium potting mix then transplanted it into tha ground at around a foot in height but b4 i transplanted i put blood & bone in tha soil about a week b4...havent put anything on it since just TLC and water bro...thanks 4 any infomation given itz appreciated 2 tha full since itz my 1st time growin :smoke
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