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water leaf shape

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Hi all, I got some fantastic bud the other week, there were about 20 seeds, so I thought "why not?" I have seed from seed direct and some others ready for move to tas, not going to waste them, all I did was put them in an old cement tub full of garden soil, put 7 beans in, 5days later 7 little kids poked their head up!, glad I kept the rest! now here comes the question, the one bean I pick as best, size/colour(dark dark dark!) and shape, rounded end, I planted in centre of tub was, the first up,the most rapid opening and here is the odd one! the water leaves are in a 3leaf clover shape, and the first swords are also triple's b4 anyone asks, yes weed seed! lol.

Very dark purple, if not almost blackish stem within 3 days of breaking ground on all 7kids, this one triple has got me, haven't struck it before, anyone else ?

The water leaves are joined at the base befor they join the stem and the swords are normal 3sword, just seems odd that it has almost jumped several growth stages? Lets find out what other odd growth patterns are out there.

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