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Can you cure Pythium

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Im in a bit of a desperate spot guys , I have 10 young plants 2-3 wks from clone box and they have Pythium , they are an important strain to me and I really need to try and save them .


This is were Im at right now , I have Fongarid ( 2g satchel ) mixed in 100ltr tank and I am also using Oxy Plus 1 cap in 100ltr everyday and a very weak nutrient 10cf in a return to tank system , I feed by hand while they have this sickness .


The medium is perlite and I am trying to keep it as dry as I can without the plants dehydrating , to achieve this I watch them closely through the day and if they start to wilt in the slightest I give them about 100ml of the fongarid oxyplus mix to bring them back up which happens instantly , Im trying this to try and force roots to grow .


The look of them on top is great nice and turgid and color looks good but they have very little root developement , if you move the cube you can move it easy which tells me very little roots are holding them in the pot .


My question guys have any of you " CURED" Pythium ?

Is there anything else I can do or use ?

If they can be cured how long will it take .


My other question , I have Hydrogen peroxide 35% how much in ml do I use in 200 liters , please dont give me formulas I need to know in ml per 200ltr .


Thanks Rod


PS - Its definatly Pythium they have as I had it last summer but dumped those plants I want to save these ones .

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I just looked up fongarid and mate be careful with that stuff.


Fongarid controls damping off, and root rots caused by soil-borne fungal diseases. It is only registered for ornamental plants, and so should not be used on fruit and vegetable crops. Fongarid can give approximately 6 to 10 weeks protection from soil-borne disease attack, depending on rate applied, soil type and cultural practice.


its a systemic, that last for 10 weeks. therefore if you harvest in this time your smoking poisons mate. :)


Research NEEM and pythoff.

neem is also a systemic but it is safe for humans to eat, smoke whatever. but it also doesnt stay as long as the fongarid. :scratchin

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And I wouldn't add fongarid to the plants in the reserviour, it should be used as a drench and then flushed out of the system. Don't soak roots in it, just let it run through, spray manually onto affected areas of the stem, and then flush out with plenty of fresh, ph adjusted water.


pythoff will help, but it is unlikely to cure a very heavy infestation.


Best cure is prevention, take cuttings now and ensure sterility.


You could also look into a product called Microkill which is a citrus pith extract which can kill just about anything and still classified as "food". That and microbial, a quarternary ammonium compound which can be used as a rootzone conditioner and room disinfectant.


Hope that helps, and good luck with the pyth... It's a bitch.

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Well its a week later and the girls are starting to go , the new root growth is very white and hairy , leaf and color looking very good , if they are not to damaged to start with Fongarid can cure pythium I have no doubts about that .

I had one 2grm satchel of Fongarid in the tank (100ltrs)for the entire time 1wk , also added cap of oxyplus daily , would monitor moisture level closly on adding mix in 200 ml lots when the plant just started to droop slightly , these plants will be spot on in about 2wks from now ,

These plants are in a shade clothed greenhouse for 10 hrs a day and brought in at night to finish the 18 hrs .


Dont attempt to save pythium plants if they are flowering ,pull them and start again , if they are in grow mode they can be saved .



I have read all I could find on fongarid including the government schedual for it and it is very safe , people get alarmed because it has 8 wks protection on the plant , but the only time it will work good is when the plant is in growing cycle so you still got a flower cycle , by harvest time its gone within the plant .


Fongarid is designed for soil , where it is well watered in then the plant sits in it and is fed some fongarid every water the plant gets untill it is leeched , it needs a regular dose to work properly .


Treat your mums before taking cuttings and treat your cuttings when transplanting before turning to flower cycle , this stuff is excellant and is the best preventive measure you can take to control Pythium .


I guarrentee this product will not hurt you or your plants in anyway if you use some common sense , 1 satchel in 100 ltrs works great for me .



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I tend not to believe whatever they say about withholding periods, I would double or triple just about all of them to be safe, which ends up leaving most of them out of the equation alltogether for a 3 month growing cycle clone to harvest.


Fongarid is a good fungicide, yes, but I personally wouldn't use it in my GR for the reasons I outlined above.


There is research usually available about toxicity of chemicals used on plants as fungicides/herbicides/pesticides in FOOD crops, not usually applicable necessarily to MJ as we smoke it. The combustion process can do a lot to a chemicals composition, you could be inhaling something completely different, and perhaps, (most likely IMHO) much more dangerous to your health.


But hey, what works for me doesn't necessarily work for everyone, and what I do isn't gospel, so good luck!


Don't forget that prevention is always better than cure, if you have had pythium in your system then said system must have some critical factor out of whack.


My personal experience with the use of fongarid is limited to orchids and some other ornamental and herb plants. I found that soaking the plants in the material would usually result in a sick plant. A simple drench and flush would provide protection to the plant, kill off infections, and not harm the plant in the process. Many of my plants are in hydroponic media as well. :P


These plants are in a shade clothed greenhouse for 10 hrs a day and brought in at night to finish the 18 hrs


btw, was wondering how you ensure that you are maintaining a constant lightcycle? Do you have an alarm clock letting you know when to grab the plants or something?


Anyway, good stuff you killed off the pyth, keep on growin.... lol

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