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Cooking Times/Heating Temps/Possible?

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Hey ummm,


I can't really cook within my home, for many reasons, one being i don't have a cook top stove thing to heat it with, but would really like to get into canna-cooking. So, a few questions...


•I'm wondering is, is it possible to make canna-butter over a campfire, in a pot, on two stands?!

• I imagine it should be, but need to get the logistics right. Should i use water, butter or vege oil? I imagine butter will be the way to go.

• Wat temperature should the butter (or other ingredient) be to add the marijuana? Ive got a thermometer and i'm guessing i'll be able to adjust the temp by the height of the pot.

• Also at this temperature, how long should i cook it for?

• Stir regularly?

• Sift afterwards?


Sorry to fire so many questions but help with ANY of these would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks. :yingyang

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If you get a good pile of coals i would say use that instead of over licking flames as it would be a more even temperature and easier to control. Let is simmer, not boil, if it boils you are destroying THC, for at least an hour.


You are probably going to have a smokey flavour to the butter. Who knows what that could do, curdle or seperate the butter or destroy THC... Dunno.


Good luck.

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