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well i made bud butter with 7 grams of mid grade erb, 2 sticks butter, simmered on low until butter turned green aprox,45min. Made brownies with butter, 1/2 cup recepie called for wich was about all the bud butter i had, cooked 40 min in oven, brownies tasted great no nasty bud taste, very slight tast of erb. ate the whole batch, had 7 grams in it. 3 hours later still nothing. dissapointment. Not the first time this happend either.
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Did you eat all the brownies in one sitting?


I don't think you used enough herb. Check out the cannabutter recipes in this forum, you need more greens.


Also, melting the butter in a pan could make it too hot and destroy the goodness.


When i make cannabutter i put the butter and veges in in a pot of water and simmer not boil. TCH is fat soluable so the butter collects it and most of the green and all of the veges stay in the water.

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Check out the cannabutter recipes in this forum, you need more greens.
No where near enough for that amount of butter and you need to simmer the mj for a lot longer than 45 minutes to get all the THC out. We alyays use the harvest trim for that as it's a good use for the minor heads that are a real pain to trim.



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It's a different stone eh?


When you make some with a decent amount of greens you will see just how different it is. Be prepared for a very long and lethargic stone and you might get a little scared when it first comes on, cause it comes on like a Mack truck and then keeps comiing on.


Lotsa fun :reallyexcited:

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