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Lowryder Qs


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I was thinking about the lowryders and i starting wondering since they are smaller plants with alot smaller yeild,would they need less light energy to flower since their so small

so like,instead of doing say, a 3/4 plant grow with a 600wt,doing sayy..20/30 lowryders and still getting the normal amount off all the ryders??


it might sounds like much but i figure they can grow in large mcdonalds coke cups so you could fit afew close together in a meters space and the yeild would be the same as a 4 normal plant grow,cept that they done in 8 weeks easy to manage and mainly eaiser to hide.

also iv heard hybred lowryder strains are around?? does anyone know what ones they are n if there anybetter then the original?


Let me know what u think about the lowryders





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