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Moving Outdoors?

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Well, yes, if you're growing them vegetatively. You can start young seedlings indoors in late winter, grow them on under a long day/short night period and then transfer them outdoors when the light hours are long enough to maintain vegetative growth. That's about early to mid spring.


Some growers take advantage of indoor/outdoor growing another way though, by growing seedlings indoors in summer or autumn, and transplanting the small plants outdoors when vegetated large enough for their needs. When the long nights of autumn and winter hit the plants, they flower, and you can get buds out of normal season. You can even manage this trick in early spring if you get in early enough.


Some strains do better than others at this outdoor/indoor growing method, as the inductive photoperiod for flowering is determined to a large degree by genetics. Equatorial cultivars grow in areas where the photoperiod from summer to winter might be within a 2 hour range, (11/13) and thus it would remain in vegetative growth for a lot longer in a temperate area, perhaps too long for harvest to be really effected. Temperate and subtropical cultivars are a bit more determinate, and are really acclimatised to similar latitudes, and thus photoperiods, as where oz sits in the world. Still, many equatorial strains are excellent growers, particularly in the northern areas of the country.


So yeah, in short, as pickle has already said, spring. B)

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