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Afghani #1


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I dont know if you can see on the leaf in this photo, and possibley on previos photos there seems to be somthing on the leaf, could this be powdery mildew?? I dont think its mold. Temps have been between 21-28 sometimes higher on a really hot day nite temps get a little low, Humidity is at 45%-50%.


How do I fix this prob and is it going to adversley effect the grow?


Help appreciated.


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Hi trumpet,

they look real good, I know the prob you are describing and it is poss powdery mildew, tends to form on tops of leaves like a dull grey dust that will brush off.

so 1stly brush as much off as poss with a paint brush then treat with "Bordeaux" as per box is available at most garden outlets. Treat twice and wash leaves when finished as dry powder inhibits photosynthesis.

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Stonedas: I have access to a scanner at work, only thing is it may not look too good walking in to use the scanner with a big dope leaf. B) I am pretty sure that its not mold, have you got any pics of mold infected plants to compare against? Doesnt mold have an amonia smell?? The leaves dont just brush clean but if I rub my finger over the leaf some of it does come off but not all.


I think i will give the Bordeaux a go cant do any harm right?? Just have to keep another fan blowing on the plants once treated so that they dry off properly. They are pretty tightly packed in there so I will have to move the fan around so that it drys everwhere.



Anyone want to guess how much I will yeild??


Because only the top buds are recieveing light is there any point once I have flushed, to harvest the tops of the plants and leave the rest under light for a few more days?? That would sort of stuff the 48 hours of darkness (is that necessary?)





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The 48 hours darkness wont do the plants any real harm, it may take them a few days to get over it but it's a weed, it'll handle it. I had one from my last grow that I decided needed a bit longer when it came time for the chop, it went through 2 weeks of flushing and then 60 hours darkness and is now happy under a friends light.


The leaves dont just brush clean but if I rub my finger over the leaf some of it does come off but not all.


Is it sticky? if so it's most likely resin, if it smears then it's probably mould.



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