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Proposed grow location

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looks deadset perfect IMO :thumbsup


although i dont know how far it is from roads and what not, it still looks like a massive grow are capable of growing many pounds of top notch smoko :smoke


just wondering, how high are those ferns from the ground? u might have to remove some in order to let ya ladies get enough sun but apart from that, that site is perfect :thumbsup

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Im a first time grower. got small seedling in pots, not ready for transplant yet. I am just going to plant and see what happens. Im not fussed if I dont get a good harvest.


The area is very dry, don't think theyre's much chance of mold, no frost either in winter which is also a plus.

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The area is very dry, don't think theyre's much chance of mold, no frost either in winter which is also a plus.





...........................well, it is January.




Logic would suggest, that the conditions the area will be expecting to encounter in and around May, to have a significant bearing on whether or not mold is to be an effort defeating problem.


Remember that maturing buds hold water droplets due to their shape and form, and that morning drizzle, common in May, caught in them, won't dry in time for the next evening, and therefore the next morning's drizzle. It may be several days before enough fine hours in a row occur to dry a bud. This is the recipe for mold.


Hey, don't think I'm talking you out of it. Not a chance. I'm trying to lay out some food for thought. I like the spot you've chosen very much, and as such, my initial interest, through my own experience, spawned the question.

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Very nice rufes1 :thumbsup Can't wait to see how you go!

You haven't got access to a HID? Or a mate that grows? Just thinking you could veg your babies for a couple of weeks before you transplant, as my only concern would be the same as Spurious, you may run into problems if you plant your little bubbies now and run into a late harvest. Maybe even under a couple of compact flouros could help :scratchin May really sucks :thumbdown

Please keep us posted, it really looks like a great spot you've picked :yingyang

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Hey luke the place where I grew up and grew massive amounts of Mj was all in ground surrounded by bracken.


Maybe it was because it rained a hell of alot, but it didnt effect the plant a hell of a lot.

If it is water logged just make a hole alot bigger than you need and fill it with stones or whatever you find laying around.


the biggest issue was actually the bracken stealing the nutreints and water out of the soil.


But yea if it is a waterlogged area forget about it.

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