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The Best Strain

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[/color] B)

So we all have our personal favs but what is the best strain?

The things to consider are : What do what have to do to get the results we all want?

The array of strains avaliable to the new user is staggering. What's even more confusing is that you'd be lucky to find two growers that agree on any one particular strain to buy, grow and then (if your lucky) clone.

So what does a new grower do? If he or she is lucky to know some-one experienced then they can save years of fiddling and failures( Through little or no fault of their own). How?

A clone. Just one. *(Any clone will do as long as it's from a healthy strong strain) Then it get's a bit technical.

But this still leads us away from the ultimate question. What's the best strain?

Most growers are prepared to trade a quick crop than to slowly grow the most staggering mull possible while exponentially increasing their cost. So what strain.

So is it super skunk? Northern lights? A hybrib of many?

I'm hoping that with the help of modern technology i.e. this (and later my own) web site, that I'd be able to gather a living pharmacopieau of strains with varying affects and tastes.

So my query to you now is what's is your favourites strain and why? Please try to detail a quick description of the choof and it's affects (head stone/ body numbing?)

Also read about medicinal quality mull. Anyone got that? B) B)

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Guest Urbanhog

That's a bit of diffcult task, I guess it all comes down to personal taste/experience/tolerence towards pot.


It's bit like asking what's the best beer? whats the best rum? what the best chocolate? what's the best car?


Yet, I still like to see more websites about people's personal opinins about particular strain, but I can image what happens if someone inexpereinced grower got some seeds that were labeled eg. "Skunk" or "NL" or whatever, and they believe they are growing the strain, and they made reports about that strain they grew but what happens if someone more experienced in this feild, and said "this is not NL?", etc.. unleast you got the seeds from a relaiable source I suppose. B)


My father made a point about the "best whatever", he claimed that he will never "say the "best" whatever" because what happens if you smoked a joint and you said this is the BEST weed, but what happend if you came across later on to a better strain, and you say the "BEST" again? B)


Its the same with going out to resturants, pubs, cafes, etc.. as my old man and myself we are real food and wine snobs, and we always look forward to the next meal somewhere else, we will always say things like this was fucking nice, awesome, etc.. but we will never say the "BEST" because I mean we live in a massive planet with massive population, what happens if there's something better else where? You just never know, like I said earlier, it all comes down to personal taste/opinions/experience, etc..


Just making my comment....that I learnt from my old man.


Urbanhog B)

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have to agree with you too Uhg I find it always boils down to personel taste, some like that instant hitting couchlock varieties with indy dom plants while others prefer the cerebral stone from sats.

With so many users worldwide hence the large number of starins.

The link to cannagenetics is the best place to search for your favs and it is supported by users not seedbanks.

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:) :) Yeah yeah yeah everyone has their fav's but there must be a winner. The combined total of affect, taste and growerability must leave a few top strains. I mean Big Bud's nice, but can never be compared to Durban Poison or Thai? So forget the details and tell me?

What's a good first time bud to start off a crop? (One that's hardy enough to give few surprises and still give a good crop)

Or maybe a tenacious plant with outstanding affects when grown right?

Or last but not least the strongest mostest mind fuck bud? Something that's takes 5-10 minutes to pack the second cone, with trembling distorted hands?

I really don't care what is just what you think.


I have just read up on a growing system involving music and hand water sprays? Any comments?:D

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hey kimba,


What's a good first time bud to start off a crop?

that has to depend on your personal choice for flower times and stone wanted. Would personally lean towards sweet tooth or a skunk as a starting point as you will end out with a great toke. Fairly grower leaniant too...


Outstanding affects would be a sativa or a colourful trait plant maybe thai/haze or even viet black/blueberry


And the knockout has to be afghani or g13hashplant to put you in your place.


But your personal choice may be for the sweetest most resinous pot you can which would be white widow but you never know till you try it.


Music has been proven to help with the growth of plants as is 4-8 hours of sunlight a day with hps making up the rest for vegetation but not suiting everyone...

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g'day; my 2 personal favourites so far are, c99Xromulan F1. and niagara X superskunk F1.



brand new site setup,check it out and save it as reference.

gonna start, sugarloaf, black domina, desert rose,and c99 X rom(or niagaraXs/skunk) :D

after or around mid january.

desert rose is native sinai strain,be 1st time indoors.(so i believe). :D

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