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Skunk#2 in a waterfarm

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Looks good other than she's stretched a fair bit and will need supporting during the flower stage, some plastic garden trellis fastened around the walls would help with that.


The stretching is usually caused by having the light too high, to set the light to grow height, start at a safe distance above the plants (approx 45cm for 400w, 90cm for 600w, 1200cm for 1000w), hold your hand palm down level with the top of the plant for a few minutes. If it feels too hot on the back of your hand the light is too close, if cool then it's too far away. If it's pleasantly warm and it feels as if you could hold your hand there all day then it's OK.



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A more accurate method would be to use an in/out thermo/hygrometer, so you can determine the actual temps in the canopy. Make sure you sheild the sensor from direct light by hanging it underneath a leaf.


Anything over about 32 at the canopy height is too hot.


You could probably get a 600w within 50cm if your temps aren't too high. An air-cooled shade can also help to reduce temps at the plant height, and thus allow you to move it closer.


How far into the grow are ya?

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More about the system i'm using.

The lights are one blue 125w enviro and one red 125w enviro in a drobe the drobe is 600mm x 600mm wide and deep. They are never kept more than 75mm from the top of the plant. I've had to remove the false floor to gain a little more headroom and as luck would haveit she has started to slow her upwards growth so i might just make it this time :thumbsup

3rd week of flower 5 more to go.



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