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algae control

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If your a person who uses "helpfull bactiria" You could also consider purchasing some "algie eaters " the sell them at most fish shops and they literaly do what they say , they eat all teh algi that forms , I used to have a few in my fish tank to keep everythign clean and they do a great job



I am guessing that you would probably have to replace them every once and a while because the nutrient solution isn't going to be good for them but they would survive a while provided your usign air stones, then again I could be wrong and they could have no adverce effects from the nutrients and additives

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Certain water snails like to eat algae, although yeah, it's likely to be better to try something a little more on their scale. I doubt they'd like nutrient solutions. :P


For an outdoor res you should really be starting with complete blackness, if you can seal the outside effectively from light you shouldn't be having an algae problem at all. Aerating the nutrient solution with the nutrient pump, or even a second one, by breaking the surface of the water is another way you can help to keep it down to a minimum.


Just as a thought, you could try chlorine, but some of the natives might not like it if it seeps out. Still, monochoramine is an effective algaecide, and it shouldn't be too hard to set up some kind of dripper mechanism from a concentrate bottle to keep the levels up to scratch without having to constantly visit the site.


Hope that helps mate, let us know how ya go and what you end up doing. :P

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