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Bubble Bag's.

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Ok,these bubble bag thing's seem to be the go when it come's to making the hash!  :P 

Got a coupla q's about them;  :whistling

1.Has any other member used these thing's,

2.If ya have were they any good,

3.Are they easy ebnough to use,

4.And are they worth  the $$$$$ ????


Ant feedback will be appreciated.  :thumbsup


1. Yep, XXXtractor bags (3 bags set - www xxxtractor com). And 2. Good!


3. Pretty easy, I made a bit of a mess (don't pull the mixer out while it's still running :P ), only used them once so far. Used about 3ish ounces of frozen wet trim, mostly leaf and some little crappy buds, ended up with about 3 or 4 grams of hash. Gonna try dry trim/buds next time as suggested by White Cluster, hopefully this'll get the yeild up. Smoked up really well though :thumbsup


4. I reckon they were worth it. They were $149 CAN, about $165 AUD.

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Hey Bro,


bubble bags are a fucking insane way to make hash. In one word "EASY" describes the process.


Have only ever used "bubbleman" bags, dont know what the other brands are like, but have been really happy with my bags.


how i do it,


I chop up 300grams of trim (loosely shreded)

place bags inside one another and place into a empty bucket.

chuckin trim and 1/2 bag ice and water.

Mix the fucker with a paint/plaster mixer for about 10 mins

let sit for 15mins

lift bags out of water and let drain

scrap hash off bottom of the last couple of bags.


easy as - insane hash, bags will pay for themselves really quickly.



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