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Hi all,


Not really a problem or pest but I have 2 questions on 2 previous grows outdoors that untill now I have had no-one pot minded to share with.


1. A plant that was grown, (instead of having 2 leaves per junction) started from seed with 2, then 3, 4 and then continued with 5 leaves per junction and consequently had 5 sets of branches from each node up the main growing stem. The finnished buds were thicker but unfortunately lack of experience meant that smokability was not A+. I have read some stuff on polyploidy in plants and research suggests initial leaf deformation (in mj)but nothing like I experienced. Any ideas?


2. Another previous grow involved a seemingly normal baby but with one branch seemingly becoming 2. The branch started out ok but took on a weird flat stem and many random large and small leaf growth up the stem. Later you could make out the 2 stems but they never actualy diverged. The resulting bud was shit as there were so many nodes and it was so dense it seemed to smother itself and I got nothing but white hairs (seemingly coming from the one point......and I mean hundreds) and the little stems at the base of the leaf.


Any ideas on these or just natural diversity and mutation within a species? Thanks for your ideas.

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It sounds like its polyploids or mutations. If you had the chance you should have cloned from that 5 topped mother so it would always throw 5 stems..


With the 100 pistols from one point only thing that comes to mind is that the plant put so much energy into where the stem split is thats where all its energy for flowering went. When others wedge stakes thru plants and it forms an elbow join the same effect has been seen.

To fix the leafy loose buds cut the excess stems off the plant so it can only put it into the top. (all excess branches can be cloned)

Wouldnt be able to tell if mutation even selective breeding or not without a large grow out to compare.

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